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Solar CCTV Towers

Solar Powered CCTV 

At Tailor Made Solutions we supply and install our Stand Alone Mobile CCTV Towers. These can be deployed anywhere in NZ.

Powered by the NX Witness VMS platform we can provide your premises, construction site or infrastructure project with a state of the art video surveillance system. The solution includes real time push and email notifications, video verification monitoring service, two way audio, 24/7 low light technology for colour pictures, intrusion detection with onboard strobe light and siren activation along with 4K resolution recording.

For major projects we can also provide a time lapse recording solution and record the build during the construction stages to share and show your clients how the development is looking and progressing.


Tailor Made Solutions can easily deploy our towers to your sites, and we provide or own delivery service for on and off loading and pick up services. We also as part of our high level of service, set up and train any staff who are required to have access to the platform, and from there we set up and provide all connections who require remote access via there smart phones or tablet/pc.


For further information and pricing, please contact Gavin on +64 27 374 1723 or via email at 

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