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Nurse Call Systems provide greater security and reassurance for your patients and greater efficiency for your staff allowing you to reduce risk by closer monitoring, which means your patients or residents are only ever a call away from skilled care staff at any time of day.

We install and maintain wired or wireless nurse call systems specific to the needs of your environment. Our systems are quick to install with minimal disruption, while also being easy to use for both patients/residents and staff.




Offers all the functions of a conventional system but with no wiring. Quick and easy to install with minimal disruption. This system is ideal for premises where closing an area of the building for a length of time is not practical.


Designed specifically for your environment. Settings can be unique to the requirements of your end users.

Panic Alarm

Allowing staff to protect residents and themselves and sound the alarm in an emergency. This solution can communicate to an off-site alarm monitoring station if required.

Access and CCTV

Allows carers to be aware of each service users whereabouts at any time.

Nurse Call Presence

An automatic presence system that will respond automatically to the entry and exit of a nurse through the wearing of staff badges. The system will automatically keep a log of all interactions between patients and staff available through our software. It will also enable nurse rounding data from which reports can be extracted and sent automatically to managers.

Speech-enabled Nurse Call

Featuring high quality, two-way speech, the system offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident as well as complete event recording facilities for managers or team leaders.

We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers of Nurse Call Systems, enabling us to provide the most reliable and comprehensive systems available. We will work with you to understand the needs of your patients/residents and staff, and provide a tailored nurse call solution, helping you create a safe environment.

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