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At Tailor Made Solutions we can provide The Building Warrant of Fitness (BWOF) annual certificate that proves that:

  • Specified systems in an owners building have been inspected and maintained

  • All the requirements and procedures of the compliance schedule have been met.

As a building owner you must:

  • Engage an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to inspect and certify that the procedures of the specified systems have been completed

  • Ensure a copy of the BWOF certificate is supplied to there local council on or before the date it is due to expire

  • Supply council with copies of all IQP certificates of compliance and related recommendations

  • Ensure the BWOF certificate is on display in a public area of the building where it can be seen by building users.

As a building owner you must:

  • Renovate or refurbish the building in part or in full

  • Have vacant tenancies or a vacant building

  • Have decommissioned specified systems

  • Have taken out a consent.

At Tailor Made Solutions we can certify on SS3.2 (Access Controlled Doors) and SS3.1 (Automatic Doors) as part of your BWOF annual inspection.

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